Trent Williams Ends Season-Long Holdout But May Not Play This Year

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams reported to the team following a season-long holdout but reportedly has no intention of suiting up this season. The Redskins tried to trade Williams, but could not find a team willing to give up a first-round draft pick or another Pro Bowl-caliber player.

Williams could have sat out the remainder of the season, but decided to report minutes before the deadline to ensure he would get credit for playing this season. By reporting, he is only under contract until 2020. Had Williams decided not to show up, his contract would have expired in 2021.

He underwent a physical but did not participate in practice with the team.

While Williams did not publicly comment on his holdout, ESPN reports that he has issues with the Redskins' medical staff. He also wanted a new contract but the Redskins did not want to set the precedent of extending the contract of a player who has two years left on their deal.

The holdout has been costly for Williams, who has lost approximately $7 million so far this season. He was fined $1.2 million over the summer, lost 25% of his signing bonus proration for missing training camp, and another 25% for missing the first game of the regular season. He also had to forfeit his weekly $638,000 game checks for missing the first half of the season.

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