Phoenix Zoo Orangutans Predict Bowl Winners

From the Phoenix Zoo:

The Phoenix Zoo’s Bornean orangutans each had a turn choosing the winner of the Cheez-It Bowl and the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl today.

Five-year-old Jiwa was given the opportunity to venture out to choose between the t-shirts of Air Force or Washington State. After several minutes of teasing the crowd as to if he was going to head outside or not, keepers decided to give him a break to regroup!

The crowd moved across the room to see Rayma, the Zoo’s 14-year-old female orangutan pulled down the Clemson t-shirt and quickly became more interested in the hanger. When it looked like she was only interested in Clemson, she changed her sights to the Ohio State t-shirt and quickly put it on – deeming Ohio State the winner!

Back to Jiwa. After another try, with both hangers equally smeared with peanut butter to add a little incentive, he too wanted a helper to select the winner. Thirty-two-year-old Michael, Jiwa’s father, headed out and climbed up on the platform. Michael very matter-of-factly selected Air Force as the winner as that’s the t-shirt he pulled down first.

Full Video below

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