Colin Cowherd: Cam Newton Has a Long-Term Future With Patriots

Colin Cowherd: “Cam has put his arms around the system and Bill Belichick and the system have put its arms around Cam. What a pleasure to watch and it’s such structure. EVERYBODY needs structure… If this is the Cam Newton that we’re getting, he’s a Patriot; he’s NOT a rental player. That’s a real NFL quarterback. It’s funny, in this league you get drafted by a tea and if it doesn’t go well like Sam Darnold you may not get a second chance. I’m all in on Cam ‘Act Two’. Structured Cam, dependable Cam, good mechanics Cam – Including the MVP year, I like this Cam more.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Cam Newton has a long-term future with the New England Patriots during a year in which Newton at one point didn’t even know if he would be on an NFL roster in 2020.

Check out video above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Newton will be a one-year rental in New England like originally believed, as Colin thinks 2020 Cam could be an even better player than 2015 NFL MVP Cam.

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