Colin Cowherd on Russell Wilson: ‘He’s the Best Player I’ve Seen in Years’

Colin Cowherd: “Bill Belichick is the greatest defensive coach and greatest coach in NFL history… Russell Wilson is now 3-1 versus New England, and should be 4-0, 66% completion percentage, 13 touchdowns, 2 picks, 131 passer rating, and he’s getting BETTER each time he plays them. He’s won the war against Bill, and he’s better than Bill’s coaching. Russell Wilson is the best football player in the world. Lamar is more athletic dynamically, Patrick Mahomes is maybe flashier with a better arm, but Russell Wilson went after the best coach in the game, and the best corner in the game last night, Stephon Gilmore – WENT RIGHT AT HIM. Everyone passes away from Stephon Gilmore and moves to the other side. Russell says ‘I’m going right at you’… Right now he has 11 incompletions and 9 touchdown passes, and he did it against two defensive coaches to start the year, Dan Quinn, and Belichick… This is the best he’s ever played. If you count line of scrimmage, coachability, leadership, elevating others, and accuracy, THAT’s the best football player in the world. Others can be flashier, faster, have a bigger arm, and throw left-handed, but what is Russell Wilson’s flaw?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson is the ‘best football player in the world’ as Colin details why although Lamar Jackson may be more dynamic athletically, and Patrick Mahomes may have a bigger arm, Colin believes Wilson is good at EVERYTHING, and literally doesn’t have a ‘flaw’ besides being short.

Check out the video above as Colin even goes so far to say that Wilson is the ‘best player I’ve seen in years.’

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