Baseball unwritten rules do not make much sense

The fight last night between the Yankees and Red Sox kind of got silly. Check out the video and you can see for yourself.


I love how both teams acted like children...and both teams thought they did the right thing. That is how it looks if you don't follow Baseball. The "unwritten" rules show you knew this was coming after the play at 2nd where the slide spiked the fielder. The sad thing is..this could have gone on and on. Some of these unwritten rules make no sense. Check out this full list of the unwritten Baseball unwritten rules.

Do you think players should police themselves? Braves great Chipper Jones thinks it is just the way the game has always been played.  He took to Twitter with his take and last night.  I guess that makes sense. I just think that it all seems I wrong?

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

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