So..most of the NFL smokes pot? Wow..

Although Pot is on the NFL banned substance list..retired tight end Martellus Bennett says 9 out of 10 players smoke the hippie lettuce. Whenever I think about pot, this song comes to mind.


I was gonna make the pro bowl...but then I got high...I was gonna run the perfect route but then I got career is messed up..and I know why....yeaahhhhhhh because I got high...because I got high!

Ok enough of me making up lyrics.

Bennett told Chris Simms and Adam Lefkoe on a Bleacher Report podcast that 89 percent of the league smokes pot. They do have a higher purpose though...he says they use it help manage pain not just to get high. The NFL draft is a couple of weeks away. If you were a GM would you sign someone you know smokes pot? Is that a character trait that disqualifies a player with you? We will talk about it today at 3. 

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

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