UNC apologizes to Clemson

Lost in North Carolina’s upset bid against Clemson on Saturday was how the program tried to troll the defending champions. During a break in the action,the video board showed Clemson supporters with captions that some fans did not like.


I don't think it is that big of a deal. North Carolina received a bunch of email complaints from Clemson fans about the video board captions.

According to The Greenville News, UNC associate athletic director for strategic communications Robbi Pickeral Evans apologized to Clemson’s football program.UNC AD Bubba Cunningham released this statement.

"We want everyone who comes to Chapel Hill to have a positive experience on our campus – whether they are our supporters or our opponents’ fans, first-time visitors or long-time guests," Cunningham wrote. "The video board spot featuring Clemson fans on Saturday was not in that spirit.

"We regret that it was produced...We addressed the inappropriateness of the spot with the responsible staff members immediately after it was shown, and we will continue to address this week the breakdown in process that led to it."

Can we slow down for a second? Getting mocked on a video board is not the end of the world. What you do is the next time the teams play in Clemson you throw some video board stuff at the tarheels. Then we all laugh about it and call it a day.

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

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