Paul Finebaum is at it again...

ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum ripped Clemson’s ranking in the top 25 polls earlier this week, saying the Tigers had looked far from the No. 2 overall team in the country. I have always thought of Finebaum as Gollum from Lord of The Rings.


Come on...He does kind of look like the guy. Just imagine him saying "My Saban" instead of "My Precious".

He doubled down today saying if Clemson goes undefeated they could still miss the playoff.


I find it hard to believe that Clemson will be left out if they go undefeated. Finebaum seems to have issues when it comes to Clemson. Check out this clip in January.


Does he have a grudge? I think so....We will discuss it at 3pm today.

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

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