Dabo Swinney responds to Todd Ellis comments

If you listened to Tiger Calls tonight here on Fox Sports Radio you would have heard the following comments from Coach Dabo Swinney responding to comments from Gamecock play by play man Todd Ellis.

Ellis said:

"The Tigers put us in a tough position as well," Ellis said. "One of the things that they do, and God bless them what they want to do in pregame they do, is grasp those arms and they walk from midfield towards our student section. Maybe that is something they could modify if they felt like it was provoking them in some way."

Swinney responded tonight:

"They need to cut out shooting them birds at us too," Swinney said with a laugh. "That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Somebody said we’re taunting people. We’re taunting people? The thing is, we’ve been doing that for seventeen years. It has zero to do with the opponent or the fans. It’s everything to do with us being unified right before we go to our individual (drills). Lord have mercy. What was the quote he said? It puts them in a bad spot and we’re taunting them and they can’t refrain from throwing stuff. I’m like, that is the craziest thing. Who are the adults in the room here? We’re talking about a warmup.

"It’s just crazy. It makes no sense. Ok, when guys are shooting you birds -- we’re supposed to throw stuff in the stands? It’s ridiculous. It has nothing to do with anybody and they didn’t care when they were beating us five years in a row. It didn’t bother anybody.”

Rob Sanders

Rob Sanders

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