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ESPN analyst puts teams in tiers

ESPN college football writer David Hale releases his take on the typical early top 25 rankings this morning. Instead of ranking teams 1-through-25, he grouped them in tiers.

Tier 1 has just 2 teams.

Clemson and Ohio State

Hale says:

“This level is reserved for the teams that look to be just about perfect — historic success, star QB, established supporting cast, massive depths of talent,”

I think the main reason these 2 teams are in the top tier is basically because both teams return talented QB’s.

Tier 1A according to Hale is Alabama,Georgia and Oklahoma. I think Alabama should be higher. I am also in the camp that until Kirby Smart gets over the hump..I can’t really buy in to that team. Georgia has the top recruiting classes in country and should not be losing games to a 4-8 South Carolina team. Oklahoma plays in the Big12.They have yet to figure out defense in that conference. They remind me of an Arena League team. Those teams don’t do well come CFP time.

Tier 2 teams according the report.

LSU,Oregon,Penn State,Auburn,Florida

I think LSU is losing a lot of talent. I do think they should be higher than a Oklahoma. Florida I believe will win the East. The other teams listed I think have crazy holes.

Check out the full article here.

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