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How the SEC could get left out of the CFP

The SEC has been a dominant force in College football. LSU is the defending national champion. Alabama has its share of CFP champs. What could keep the SEC out of the playoff?

Try this Scenario:

Georgia loses to Alabama and Auburn they finish


Florida loses to LSU and Georgia.

They finish 10-2

With the tiebreaker the Gators win the East.

In the West

LSU loses to Texas and Texas A&M

Alabama loses to LSU and Auburn

They finish 10-2


Loses at least 3 games

LSU wins the west

Gators get revenge in the SEC championship game and knock off the Tigers.

LSU finishes the season 10-3

Florida goes 11-2 wins the conference

Oregon wins the pac-12 and finishes undefeated with a close win over Ohio State at home.

Ohio State rolls through the big ten with the only loss on the schedule being to Oregon on the road.

Clemson rolls through the ACC and finishes the season 13-0 with a tight win at Notre Dame in November.

Oklahoma wins the big 12 and goes 13-0

Notre Dame finishes the season with loss.

Take your goggles off for a second.

This is not that far fetched.

Could this be the season that the SEC is left out of the playoff?

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