Tim Tebow gets ripped in New John Elway book

Tim Tebow was one of the greatest players in SEC history.

Tebow won 2 national championships and became the first-ever sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. Gators fans and soccer mom's still adore Tebow and followed his career in the NFL and the MLB.Tebow was a first round draft pick for the Broncos and lead them to a playoff win before his career fizzled out.

A new book by sports journalist Jason Cole titled, “Elway: A Relentless Life,” dives into the 2011 season and trashes Tebow in the process.

The Daily Mail says:

Tebow was “egotistical and money hungry.” The book alleges that Tebow, a devout Christian, charged $50,000 to speak at churches, and it also alleges that Elway’s wife, Janet, asked Tebow to do an appearance at a charity event and Tebow’s brother said it would be $50,000 for an appearance. She ultimately declined.
One Denver staffer also allegedly called Tebow, “The most self-centered humble guy I’ve ever met.”
Cole also writes in the book about his on-field play, “As one teammate put it bluntly that season: ‘He has no idea what’s going on out there. If the first read doesn’t work, he’s just making it up.'”

Tebow played for 3 teams in the league before trying his hand at baseball with the New York Mets.