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President Trump says he shot in the low 70's at Wingedfoot

Winged Foot Golf Club, host of this week’s U.S. Open, in Mamaroneck, NY is one of the most famous courses in the country, one that Tiger Woods says is among the most difficult anywhere. Naturally, an avid golfer and New Yorker like President Donald Trump has played at the course.

Tiger Woods told the BBC that he believes Winged Foot is one of the three hardest courses in the world.The President may have one up on the field since it is in home state. He may have played the course several times. Winged Foot today is already getting the best of some of the best golfers on the planet.

John Daly says Trump does not cheat at golf...but Bill Clinton does.

Daly tells TMZ:

"It's funny how these people say, 'does he cheat?' Well, when he goes out and plays, if he hits a bad shot, he might hit a Mulligan, but he doesn't count it when we're playing the match."

For those not down with the golf lingo ... a mulligan is essentially a redo after a bad shot.

The 2-time Majors winner doubled down, and called out someone else who was in the Oval Office.

"It's just amazing that people call him a cheat in golf. You wanna call a cheat in golf? I'll tell ya,Bill Clinton, he took a Mulligan on putts, chips, when I played with him."

"I don't think Bill Clinton could've broken 100. At least the President, Mr. Trump, he can shoot 80. 78 to 84, probably."

I think we all have cheated a little bit here or there....It does make you wonder how far any president would go to beef up his golf score.

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