ESPN Analyst makes a bold prediction Deshaun Watson will go to the panthers

The latest episode in the Deshaun Watson derby has an ESPN analyst making the bold prediction he could go to the Carolina Panthers.

“The Panthers will do whatever it takes to get Deshaun Watson, and that includes giving up three first-round draft picks and (running back) Christian McCaffrey,” Newton said, as transcribed by247Sports. “Owner David Tepper wants to win a Super Bowl. He’s made that clear. He understands it takes a marquee quarterback to do that. If you look at recent history, outside of (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback) Patrick Mahomes, the quickest way to do that is to trade for a marquee quarterback and not draft one in the first round. Just ask Tampa Bay.”

Would it take an offer that includes Christian McCaffrey?

The Panthers also own the eighth overall pick in this draft. Would that be enough?