Could a mammoth trade package send Deshaun Watson to the Jets?

It seems like every day we have a new trade rumor about Deshaun Watson. Who on the record the Texans say they are not trading.
Peter King from Pro Football talk put out a proposal that may send a ton of talent to Houston in exchange for Watson.

The proposal: A 6-for-1 deal. Quarterback Sam Darnold, defensive lineman Quinnen Williams, first-round picks in 2021 (second overall) and 2022 (the higher of New York’s two first-round picks), plus second-round picks in 2021 (34th overall) and 2023 in exchange for Watson.

This sounds like a ton....but King explains why he thinks the Jets may do it.

GM Joe Douglas is a big home-grown advocate, and I believe New York would chafe at doing a mega-pick deal for Watson because too many dyed-in-the-wool scouts there believe in building the team through the draft. But so many of the ingredients are there. The Jets would be able to jettison a quarterback with some interesting value, along with the second overall pick plus a trove of draft currency.

This makes sense...but I think that adding Williams would be a mistake for the Jets. He has proven himself on the NFL level and may end up as one of the better linemen in the league.

I think a couple of things may stop this. The Jets would be putting all of the eggs in one basket. I think this way to much for just one player. Watson also has a no trade clause. Why would he go to a team that is worse than the team he is now? I don't think that makes sense.

Stay tuned.