Could the Eagles trade for Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson has had to deal with allegations of sexual assault this off season. Will Watson even play this year? That may be a questioned that is not answered until this summer. One report says that the Philadelphia Eagles may try to bring on the former Clemson QB.

Mike Fisher from wrote the following:

“The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to find a direction. So are the Houston Texans. And according to an NFL source, despite their various issues, the two teams could still get together on a Deshaun Watson trade.

“Watson is of course buried in legal troubles that are completely separate from his trade request - a request that we know GM Nick Caserio grew increasingly amenable to until the flood of sexual assault charges against the star QB.

“Meanwhile, the Eagles are trying to straighten themselves out as well, having traded away Carson Wentz with a tentative plan to hand their QB job to young Jalen Hurts - except that our source insists that Philadelphia's desire to secure Watson remains in place.”

This does show the trade market may not be dead for Watson. The key here is to stay tuned and see what happens on the legal side.