Dabo Swinney compares Trevor Lawrence to an NBA star

The now former Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has drawn a lot of comparisons. Coach Dabo Swinney gave his own comparison for Lawrence on a podcast.

“You watch Steph Curry shoot the ball and you just go ‘wow’ just to sit there and watch this guy shoot the basketball,”Swinney said on theMove The Stickspodcast. “Well, that’s how you feel when you watch Trevor throw a football. When you get to see him live and you get to see him move, you just go ‘wow.’ It’s just different. He’s a face-of-a-franchise guy. I think Trevor can be an international superstar. There’s not many football players that have become international superstars. Part of that is just because we all wear helmets and uniforms and get identified by that. Then you take the helmets off and become a normal person and sometimes you blend in. Trevor doesn’t blend in.”

Lawrence will look to make his mark on the football field. He is projected to be the top pick in next weeks NFL draft.