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Clemson opens up as slight favorite over UGA..Big over ACC schools

Fanduel has released some early season odds. Clemson is set as a 3 point favorite over UGA. Here are some of the other interesting lines set up for the season.

Week 1

UNC -6.5 over Va Tech

LSU -3 over UCLA

Alabama -17.5 over Miami

Clemson -3 over UGA

Notre Dame -9 over FSU

Louisville +7 to Ole Miss

Week 2

Oregon +9 to Ohio State

Iowa +4.5 to Iowa State

Week 3

Alabama -15 to Florida

Week 4

Tennessee +15.5 over Florida

Week 5

Auburn +4 at LSU

Cincinatti +3 at Notre Dame

Michigan +9.5 at Wisconsin

Texas +1.5 at TCU

Week 6

Georgia -10.5 at Auburn

Alabama -13 at Texas A&M

Oklahoma -12.5 at Texas

Week 7

Florida +1.5 at LSU

Week 8

Clemson -17.5 at Pitt

Ohio State -11 at Indiana

Week 9

Georgia -8 over Florida

Clemson -27 over Florida State

Michigan -6.5 at Michigan State

Week 10

LSU +24 at Alabama

Clemson -21.5 at Louisville

Week 11

UNC -4.5 at Piit

Georgia -21 at Tennesse

Miami -12.5 at FSU

Florida -9.5 at Mizzou

Week 12

Iowa State +8 at Oklahoma

Week 13

Ohio State -10 at Michigan

Oklahoma -12.5 at Ok State

Alabama -18.5 at Auburn

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