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Report:CFP could go to 12 teams

A report from Yahoo sports says that the over the next 3 weeks meetings will be held and a final decision will be made on expansion. The announcement will be made this fall. The report also says that 12 teams may be the way it will end up.

The details of how those 11 games in a 12-team system would unfold will still need to be worked out in upcoming months. But the thought is that the first four teams would get a bye and teams No. 5 to No. 8 would host teams No. 9 through 12 at home sites. (This could, of course, irk teams that finished higher and don’t get the big gate, memorable experience and home-field advantage of a playoff game.)

Then the bowl system could potentially fill in from there, with the expectation being that many of the high-end bowls in the system now would remain. A few sources brought up former Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany’s consulting role with the Rose Bowl — half jokingly — as a potential road block to playoff expansion.

If this system were set up last season it would look something like this.

Alabama,Clemson,Ohio State and Notre Dame would all get byes.

#5 Texas A&M would be at home and would play #12 Coastal Carolina

#6 Oklahoma would be at home to play #11 Indiana

#7 Florida would play #10 Iowa State

#8 Cincinnati would be at home for #9 UGA

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